the Story?

From teacup to trendsetter

Kitea’s favourite drink, the Pearl Milk Tea (also known as Bubble Tea or Boba Tea), originated in Taiwan in the late 1980s. And although a few variations of milk tea appeared in the region during the 1990s, the drink has travelled far and wide to tickle the tastebuds of Asians everywhere.

A taste of island paradise

If there are two things we tropical dwellers love, it’s colourful fruits and cool drinks. Nothing hits the spot like sipping a refreshing and nutritious drink on a hot day (which is everyday where we’re from). Since 2019, KITEA has been experimenting with fruits and traditional boba techniques, creating all sorts of flavours special to this part of the world.

Plants might hate us
but animals don’t

We don’t just love cats. We love all animals (even the not so cute ones), so we’ve taken the extra step to ensure our food and beverages are produced without animal meats or fats. That means everything we make is 100% vegetarian. Sorry veggies.

A small cup with big dreams

Today, KITEA has outlets all across Malaysia and we’re planning on expanding internationally. So consider supporting us so we can keep on creating high-quality products and services that excite people.
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