Life At KITEA - Our Work Culture

The secret of KITEA to be the best established brand across Malaysia since 2019 is undoubtedly our employees. Employees are our biggest assets that have pushed our brand to where it is in this hyper-competitive business world, as the saying goes, “Your number one customers are your people.” As true visionaries of this field, we believe that a true employee recognition and positive workplace culture can boost productivity, motivation, happiness, enhance engagement and skyrocket the workforce performance.
At Kitea, we believe that “Happy employees make happy customers”. We’re committed to giving back to our employees by providing benefits, training courses, incentives, and bonuses to our hardworking employees. We also encourage and support our employees to participate in socially responsible projects. We feel that by doing so, our staff would be able to provide better service and attract more loyal customers.


We ensure our employees have a comfortable working environment for learning and interaction. KITEA believes that a positive working space can motivate and engage the staffs, resulting in higher job satisfaction and productivity. As times are uncertain these days, we’ve become the pillar of moral support for our employees to better handle their stress and get through tough times. We also encourage our staffs to speak up their mind without the “us-versus them” vibe as we value open and honest communication.


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